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Life Mission Statements

This living document explores my journey into continuously deeper sustainability and voluntary simplicity. The reality of crumbling ecological and social systems, disconnection from nature and the confusing goals of progress hit me hard as I delved into the entangled truth of how we live. I have been through anger and depression, both of which left me in a position where truly transformational action was impossible. yet the situation we are facing requires a holistic response. As I have leaned into more sustainable ways of living, working, communicating and travelling I have discovered a wonderful and unexpected fact:

Deep sustainability, regenerative living and voluntary simplicity are not about sacrificing a good life! Behind what appear to be indicators of progress or higher standards of living are simple ways of being that provide abundant beauty and joy, a healthier mind and body, thriving ecosystems and social justice. 


It is from these discoveries that I believe that there is another way of being in the world that enhances our lives and the lives of our communities, both the human and wider earth ecologies. In the inhabiting of a life aligned to the thriving of all life, I live in integrity with the entire planet.


I have been consciously making these changes since 2015 and continue, open-heartedly, to explore, adapt and learn.

"you must be the change you you wish to see in the world"

-Mahatma Gandhi


Joyful Commitments

Accountability is an opportunity to step in being the man I wish to be in the world. I am making these commitments public to support  each step and to outline ways in which we can all move toward regenerative, joyful, connected and just lives.

Explore more details of how I have achieved these and for inspiration in the resources section. Underlined statements link to relevant articles. 


  • source my food from local, regenerative farms

  • follow bioregional eating as much as possible

  • never buy food or drink at supermarkets 

  • avoid plastic wrapped food 

  • sustainably forage for nutrition and connection

  • grow food and share the abundance

  • teach others to forage and grow food


  • live within my means

  • to live on under £12,500 annually 

  • not give any money to corporations that harm the earth or enable modern slavery

  • not to put any savings in banks or investments that support degeneration (military, oil, big pharma, big ag etc)

  • to use spending to support regenerative businesses 


  • to practice low-ownership (share, swap, borrow)

  • pay attention to natural beauty 

  • practice lifelong voluntary simplicity

  • practice hobbies that are free, accessible, create no waste and use no fossil fuels

  • enjoy silence (not always playing podcasts or music)

  • study and enact non-violent communication

  • aim for higher quality of life, not increasing standards of living


  • wear 100% natural fibre clothing 

  • maintain a simple, minimalist wardrobe

  • wear clothes multiple times before washing

  • wash at low temperature and dry naturally

  • avoid companies that source unsustainably farmed fibres


Minimal Waste

  • to avoid all plastic wastes

  • have no rubbish bin in my house 

  • create less than 1% of the waste compared to average 

  • say no to things I do not need, even if they are free 

  • carry reusable cup, cutlery etc wherever I go

  • compost all food scraps

  • don't buy any books online (or anything that arrives in unknown packaging)

Health, happiness and social 

  • eat a planetary diet 

  • only source meat from regenerative farms I have seen in-person

  • live a preventative medicine lifestyle

  • drink no alcohol

  • exercise in nature (no gym membership)

  • attend a regular men's group and support others to do the same


  • use technology appropriately

  • ensure at least one day per week without screens

  • maintain, repair and make last any tech I use 

  • buy only second hand/refurbished

  • practice tech minimalism

  • avoid household gadgets (to only buy, wherever possible, products likely to last multiple generations)

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