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13-Month Slow Study 

Deepen Your Roots

in partnership with Rooted Healing

A 13-month slow-study course weaving deep ecology, ‘the work that reconnects’, and a psycho-socio-spiritual exploration into re-inhabitation of place. 

This is a journey of honouring, belonging and becoming

Over 13-moon cycles we will explore what it means to re-inhabit place through new and ancient eyes. In deepening connections to land, food, water, flora and fauna, community, folklore, geology, ancestry, song and tradition, this journey will root you into a feeling of home, purpose and animistic interbeing.

Held as a full, slow spiral of Joanna Macy’s ‘The Work that Reconnects’, this course is practical, intellectual, embodied and spiritual; you may find yourself diving into books and rivers, breaking bread with local ecological farmers, teaching your community to forage wild plants and building fires with new allies.

At the end of the year you can be pinned on our bioregionalism ‘Guardians’ map, helping pollinate broad landscapes with leaders of ecological intimacy and bioregional stewardship.

This is, quite simply, the deepest guided exploration of belonging on offer.

“Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth.”
― Thoreau

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what is included?

  • 13 Inspiring Council Calls

  • 12 special guest talks/workshops

  • 13 printable PDF + audio course chapters

  • Community of support

  • Guidance for your research

  • 1 on 1 mastermind coaching session

  • Practical skills (foraging, medicine making, and so on)

  • Shared research forum

  • Signposts to an array of reading, listening and watching materials

  • An in-depth exploration of yourself, your bioregion and your calling

  • Support with emergent projects

  • Opportunities to become a part of an exciting new bioregionalism map and movement

  • Feature opportunities within our emerging annual journal

  • You’ll feel resourced to bring forth your unique medicine and vision

  • A tried and tested roadmap to belonging

vision: walking the green path

Deepen Your Roots is a multi-generational calling, it does not end after 13-moons. As a participant you gain automatic, lifetime status as a bioregional guardian; a keeper of the wisdom, knowledge and forgotten secrets of the land on which you live.

Throughout the programme you will have the opportunity to explore and develop offerings to nourish your ecological-niche. What is it that your lands long for? Your community?

As we define and inhabit this bioregional map of belonging, you will have the option to add your details as a beacon of hope for bioregional flourishing. We cannot say what your ecological niche will be; perhaps it is planting school gardens, leading folkloric walks, initiating rewilding projects or petitioning for new water-care systems.


Perhaps you’ll launch a movement that reshapes the world, all guided by the land you listen to beneath your feet.

Our work is to bio-regionally re-vision our maps with blurred boundaries, creating a growing community who do not wish to forget what it means to belong.

Join us now to become part of this unique, vital work toward a more beautiful landscape of re-membered interconnectivity.

Our next intake will open summer 2024. Sign up to my newsletter to be informed when this opens and be sure to get a place on this life changing journey.

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