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I quit Amazon and Online Book Purchases

Although I hardly used it, Amazon's presence in my life still had some potency, until this week. I used Amazon to keep book lists and research books, and occasionally bought an item I couldn’t find locally. However, after considering my commitments to an ethical life and researching Amazon, I have fully cancelled my account, which includes a request that they delete all my data. 

Amazon has been involved in a series of controversies, from huge data leaks (the NHS have access to our Amazon data!), monopolistic behaviour which can degrade small business and community shops, as I have witness here in North Wales, opposition to trade unions, mistreatment of workers (including discrimination, accusations of forced labour, poor conditions and pay), conflict of interest (Amazon has had contracts with the CIA and the Department of Defence, for example). Amazon (and Google) have also provided AI services to the Israeli military. The list goes on and on. So let's boycott this insane, destructive company. 

I have also gone a big step further.

I vow to never buy books online. 

This feels like a big deal to me, as books are one of my major purchases and there are no bookshops anywhere close to me, but the warehouse-courier-consumption pathway has myriad destructive elements to it and second hand books often arrive in plastic packaging. There are also many hidden benefits to this mission. Instead of sitting at my computer to choose a book, I will be in a public space walking around, browsing, physically touching books and engaging in conversations. I will be able to read a few pages and get the flavour of a book. I will be excited to go to my favourite book shops when I am visiting family and friends. I'll probably buy less books and save money. My on-a-whim purchases will decrease. 

I am feeling into a commitment to not buy anything online, but will keep you posted on this as I lean into this smaller first step.

Thanks for reading. Let me know if you break loose of Amazon's grip!

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