What is Conscious Roots?

Conscious Roots was launched in 2017 to nurture the evolution of the organic Self and ecocultural sustainability; a dynamic process of securing social justice, peace, economic sufficiency, and ecological sustainability. The work is informed by Ecosophy, or Deep Ecology, with 'deep' stressing the asking of 'how' and 'why'. It involves a shift from science to wisdom.


I hope that the gifts of this work include inner peace, increased resilience, and the motivation to work toward the creation of a more beautiful world, in whatever way we can.

Such is the exploration of our ecological niche, our unique mythopoetic identity.

I consider this work radical, not because it is revolutionary but because it aims to expose and examine the roots of the crises we face.

Many words and concepts, indeed. However, the truth and depth of this work are experiential, meaning the best way to ask questions of meaning, value, and direction is to get involved in the offerings of Conscious Roots, to take a walk in a wild place, to participate in the evolving creation of a more beautiful world.

“I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.”
- John Muir

Who I am

I am Ben, the founder of Conscious Roots. I live with my wonderful girlfriend in the beautiful hills of Shropshire, England.
I care deeply about all the issues society faces and believe that, through the nurturing of connections to nature and each other, we can transform how we live and develop a world of compassionate abundance. I am tired of ignoring the true causes of the problems facing us. I like to delve right to the roots.
I spent my 20’s on the road and am now a graduate of Philosophy and an MSc student of Sustainability and Behaviour Change. I spent many years studying the complexity of the climate issues we face and, like many, felt overwhelmed. Conscious Roots is inspired by the ethics of Taoism and the work of many whom I respect. It is my small contribution to a more beautiful world.


It is my belief that our lost connections to the wild Earth and the organic self are the root drivers of climate change and social inequality, so my craft is to seek out opportunities to facilitate deep connections to the natural world and the authentic self in all whom I have the pleasure of collaborating with.
These are complex times and I am aware that there is no panacea, so I approach my work with an ever-evolving, open, holistic framework. If we can change how we perceive life, all else will follow. I also like to bake bread, go hiking, read books and play the banjo.

"The times are urgent. Let us slow down."

- Bayo Akomolafe