The Way of Council

The Way of Council is an ancient method of group sharing with a great many benefits. In our times of change, deep listening and honest words can be difficult to find. The way of Council forms a container based on empathy and active listening for the unfolding of honest and compassionate communication.

I offer the facilitation of the Way of Council for a diverse range of requirements, offering regular in-person Men's Circles and Council for Groups and Organisations (for conflict resolution, decision making, and group resilience).

The most common outcomes of Council are;

  • to learn to be more acquainted with our own and others' emotions;

  • to feel part of a community (or a group) stronger and more grounded;

  • to practice being spontaneous;

  • to learn to listen and better direct our own focus;

  • to learn to express ourselves in a more essential and accurate way;

  • to be more open;

  • to develop our own emphatic skills

The Four Agreements of Council are;

1. speak from the heart

2. listen from the heart

3. be spontaneous

4. be lean of words

With a fifth agreement, to form a container of confidence for all those forming the circle;

5. confidentiality

My offerings for the Way of Council are many, so please feel free to contact me if you have any queries or a unique circumstance for which you wish to hold a Council.

At present, I offer the following two Councils:

Shrewsbury Men's Circle: A 4-Week Intro

Top of Peace Drive, SY2 5NQ

19:00-20:30 on

Tuesday July 20th

Tuesday August 3rd

Tuesday August 17th

Tuesday August 31st

Price: Donations welcome

To book, please email or call (07885522510)

Council for Groups, Schools, Communities and Organisations

To book, please email or call (07885522510)



Please make a donation before the circle, or in person upon arrival. This is on a sliding scale of Dana Economics.


All donations will be received with immense gratitude, funding the ongoing work of the Conscious Roots project.


Nobody will be turned away for lack of funds.