Meditating in Mountains

Weaving the Golden Thread
A Retreat in Deep Ecology for Change Makers
(hosted by 7th Rise)

We find ourselves in a state of merging ecological and social crises. Our systems are failing us wherever we dare to look; decimated forests, dying oceans, mass extinction, rising inequality, war, the list feels endless. We are burnt out and know in our hearts that so much is wrong, but are tied to systems of oppression and power that appear impossible to move beyond.

We must ask; What kind of planet do we wish to inhabit? What is our role in this transition to a better future for all? In strengthening our whole-Self, becoming more resilient, developing a firm, innate personal and social ethic, and understanding the interconnectedness of it all, we better place ourselves to not only face the trials of these times honestly and openly but to act in a way that makes a beautiful future far more probable.

During this course, our tribe will find its home at the beautiful 7th Rise, on the wild shores of the Fal Estuary in Cornwall. This incredible base gives us access to wild swimming, woodland walks, and starlit nights around the fire.

This unique 3-day retreat will take us on a journey through Deep Ecology and the ancient wisdom the of Medicine Wheel. It is inspired by the spiral of the Work that Reconnects and wilderness rites of passage.

The format

Day 1

  • Establishing Presence as the Ecological Self: How do we whole the self? Why embody the Ecological Self?

  • Embodying Gratitude: The roots of our practice are to be found in the verdant soils of gratitude. We will delve into the practice of gratitude and the discovery of our deepest value systems


Day 2

  • Deep Communication and De-polarising our Emotion: Learn the Way of Council, where we will ask; how can we more truly feel what we feel? What does it look like to walk the line of a yin-yang?

  • Nature as Mirror: Experience the ancient medicine walk and meet the four dimensions of human wholeness; the Nurturing Generative Adult, the Innocent/Sage, the Wild Indigenous One, and the Dark Muse-Beloved


Day 3

  • Stepping into the More Beautiful World our Hearts

Know is Possible: Setting intentions for the Self through conversations with Mara and the wilderness

  • The Niche of the Ecological Self: The map but not the territory. As our journey comes to an end, we will leave armed with a map to help us navigate the societal terrain with the Whole Self and the eyes of Deep Ecology.

Course numbers will be limited to 16.

Price includes stunning, rustic accommodation and all (vegan) food for the duration of the course.




(see pricing to help determine what you should pay).

Dates: 25th-28th March 2022

To secure a place or for inquiries, please email

Lotus Flower

Important note: Please be advised, this is an experiential retreat. It is not counselling, therapy or psychotherapy and none of the work I offer is designed to replace the work of these professionals. If you are suffering from depression, anxiety or any other ailment that may require professional help, please seek out someone qualified to work with you.