The current economic system encourages subjective relationships, defining a separate consumer and producer. It demands incessant growth, causing the rupture of community, dividing the haves and have nots and advancing natural resource depletion.

The desire of Conscious Roots is to develop symbiotic relationships with all those involved in the project, and with the natural world, so rather than my work being offered as a service to buy, I invite contributions that make my work possible. Our relationship becomes one of collaborative transformation, accessible to all.

“give what you can, take what you need”

The basic price is noted for each of my offerings. If you cannot afford these prices, you are still entirely welcome, simply send an email or call and we will get you booked in. This is the spirit of sharing.

You will find a 'donate' button located on each page of this website. If you partake in eco-coaching work with me, or simply support the work I am doing, any contribution will be received with immense gratitude and will go toward the ongoing efforts of the Conscious Roots project.