Life Coaching
Weaving the Golden Thread

The current merging of the climate and social crises are taking their toll on our bodies, hearts and minds, leaving us feeling overwhelmed and defeated. We are made to feel insignificant, to believe that change only happens from 'the top'.

This coaching is designed to facilitate the overcoming of such limiting beliefs, empowering us to be an integral part of the changes we want to see in this beautiful world.

Life Coaching with Conscious Roots can help you with:

  • Facing the climate crisis

  • Living in Voluntary simplicity

  • Embodying ethical choices

  • Clarifying your value priorities

  • Finding your Soul's niche

  • Starting a truly Eco-business

  • Active hope

  • Alternate economics

  • Eco-anxiety

  • Meditation

My approach to Life Coaching is deeply holistic. Every session is designed to merge nature and your most true self, using the principles of the Deep Ecology movement. Along such a path of discovery, we soon find that the threads we pull are all entwined, and where they meet, we discover our unique place in this world, our own ecological niche.


This is symbiotic coaching, meaning it is co-created through our mutual collaborative transformation. We will work through the complexities and trappings of consumer culture and ego-self to develop an ecological worldview, through an organic and creative process.


We will call upon many deep forms of knowing, including the Spiral (see The Work that Reconnects), Deep Ecology, the Eco-Soulcentric Developmental Wheel and Mindfulness Meditation, helping us to navigate the turbulent waters of our society with an open heart and mind. We will work to know our highest self and step forward to fully embody our true calling.

Some of us experience guilt or despair at what is happening to this planet and some may suffer from eco-anxiety. I offer you a non-judgemental ear for your thoughts and concerns, helping you to find your unique role in the great turning, a meaningful path towards creating a more beautiful world. The power of speaking our truth, and being heard, unfolds as our own wisdom is revealed to us.

I typically recommend that we initially work together through my Ecological-Self Programme, as this launches us into a way of thinking that better reflects our deepest calling. This is, however, absolutely optional.

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Conscious Roots work with Sliding Scale Economics.


Fees per session (55-70mins):

Friend: £35

Supporter: £50

Partner: £65

(see pricing to help determine what you should pay).


If you need to pay less than £35 or to set up a payment plan, please contact me. Nobody will be turned away for financial reasons (see Pricing page to understand Dana Economics).

Important note: Please be advised, I am not a councillor, therapist or psychotherapist and none of the work I offer is designed to replace the work of these professionals. If you are suffering from depression, anxiety or any other ailment that may require professional help, please seek out someone qualified to work with you.