4-5 hours

Spend time in the woods learning the fundamentals of the beautiful art of bushcraft. This workshop is an immersion into ancient forest skills, designed to connect us to the land and human history through simple skills and mindful attention to our wild surroundings. We will:

  • Discuss trees and the qualities of different woods for building and fire

  • Barefoot walk and feel the benefits of rooting ourselves in the wilderness

  • Seek out tinders and start a fire with a flint and steel (then cook on it)

  • Go on a foraging walk to hunt for mushrooms, wild teas, edible greens and nature's medicines

  • Learn about using a knife to make a mallet then carve a spoon to take home

  • Experience wild navigation and natural cordage

This course is suitable for anyone wanting to get into the woods, no experience is required, only a desire to reconnect to the wild, to the beauty found in simplicity and to the hunter-gatherer that resides within you.

All my courses and consultancy are gifted in the spirit and philosophy of Dana Economics. See 'Pricing' page for details.

Suggested Donation: £50-75 per person

Indigenous Forest Skills