The Wild Gardener

I offer gardening services in the North Wales area, operating (typically) within a 20-mile radius of Bangor, Gwynedd (and occasionally in the Shrewsbury area).

I work within a holistic management framework with clients to design, maintain or transform their space, however big or small.

My approach is through a permaculture lens, meaning each project is unique for the land and the client. This also means all my work goes ‘beyond organic’; I will never use any chemicals or aggressive techniques and I will always seek to regenerate soil health and increase biodiversity (wildlife gardening).

If you are looking for an honest gardener that works with the most sustainable methods, please contact me to discuss your needs. 

I offer a variety of booking options, including hourly/daily/weekly rates and multi-hour maintenance packages.

“The more diversity, the better” - Arne Naess, Ecology of Wisdom