Eco-Life Coaching


Eco-Life Coaching can help you with:

  • The climate crisis

  • Ethical diets

  • Cutting your Carbon footprint

  • Cutting your business carbon footprint

  • Living in Voluntary simplicity

  • Ethical tech choices

  • Finding your Souls work

  • Starting a truly Eco-business

  • Active hope

  • Green consumerism

  • Alternate economics

  • Eco-anxiety

  • Meditation


As an Eco-Life Coach, I will work with you to transform your life to align nature and your most true self. In-person or online, we can discuss any aspect of ethical and sustainable living that you wish, and together set goals and steps to achieve them.

These sessions are an opportunity to discuss the personal aspects of the climate crisis. Some of us experience guilt or despair at what is happening to this planet and some may suffer from eco-anxiety. I offer you a non-judgemental ear for your thoughts and concerns, helping you to find your unique role on the meaningful path towards creating a more beautiful world.

Get in touch and we can discuss the best route to help you design your ethical and true life and live in active hope of a more beautiful world.

Conscious Roots work with Dana Economics. Normal Prices range from £29-£40 per hour but will be less if you cannot afford this. Anyone can access the benefits of this coaching (see Pricing page to understand Dana Economics)