Beauty in Nature
Beauty in Nature

1-1 Programme 

"At its root, this is a course about connection. It is an exploration of our love for the world. I cannot promise answers, but through honest expression and exploration, we will begin to inhabit the right questions"


We find ourselves in a state of merging ecological and social crises. Our systems are failing us wherever we look; decimated forests, dying oceans, mass extinction, rising inequality, war, the list feels endless. We are burnt out and know in our hearts that so much is wrong, but are tied to systems of oppression and power that appear impossible to move beyond.

We must ask; What kind of planet do we wish to inhabit? What is our role in this transition to a better future for all? In strengthening our whole-self, becoming more resilient, developing a firm, innate personal and social ethics, and understanding the interconnectedness of it all, we better place ourselves to not only face the trials of these times honestly and openly but to act in a way that makes a beautiful future far more probable.

This unique1-1 experiential course is rooted in a holistic array of movements and philosophies, including the Work that Reconnects and Wilderness Rites of Passage.


The Format

Session 1:

Living the Gift of Life (South)

An introduction to the eco-soul-centric wheel of development

See gratitude as a way of being in the World

Learn how Deep Ecology can guide a life of connection and purpose

Session 2:

The Deep Ecological Way (West)


We will ask; What are the stories of our times? Which will we inhabit? Where do I come from and what is my connection to this land? What can I learn from the night; the moon and the stars?

Our pain for the World is telling us something, what do we hear?

Session 3:

Interbeing (North)

From a Deep Ecological perspective, we begin to see from the heart

Nourish your community, both human and more-than-human

Session 4:

The Gift in the Wound (East)

Consider what the world is asking of you and move into your Ecological-niche

Map the questions that will guide your life

Step forth in active hope


Each session will last approximately 90 minutes. Be prepared to undertake exercises and readings taking 2-4 hours for each session.


Cost (sliding scale): £195-350

Rock Balancing

Important note: Please be advised, this is an experiential course. I am not a councillor, therapist or psychotherapist and none of the work I offer is designed to replace the work of these professionals. If you are suffering from depression, anxiety, or any other ailment that may require professional help, please seek out someone qualified to work with you.