Ecological-Self Development Programme

This unique, 1-1 or small group programme has its roots in a holistic array of movements and philosophies, including the Work that Reconnects, Engaged Buddhism, Permaculture, Deep Ecology, Living Systems Theory and Voluntary Simplicity. Enrolling puts you firmly on the path of true self-development and self-knowledge.

The format:

1. Establishing Presence as the Ecological-Self

2. The EcoSoul-Centric Developmental Wheel

3. Gratitude

4. Honouring the Depths of Emotion

5. Stepping into the More Beautiful World our Hearts

Know is Possible

6. The Niche of the Ecological-Self

The 6-part programme is an organic, ever-evolving process. It is the perfect entrance to my Eco-Life Coaching sessions, in which we can further develop, understand, and emobody the calling of your Ecological-Self.

Contact me to arrange a free, no-obligation conversation where we can discuss the best route to help you design your ethical and true life and live in active hope of a more beautiful world.

Conscious Roots work with Dana Economics. The Ecological-Self Development Programme ranges from £190-£290, depending on what you can afford. Nobody will be turned away for financial reasons (see Pricing page to understand Dana Economics).

Important note: Please be advised, I am not a councillor, therapist or psychotherapist and none of the work I offer is designed to replace the work of these professionals. If you are suffering from depression, anxiety or any other ailment that may require professional help, please seek out someone qualified to work with you.