Eco-Life Consultancy


Eco-Transformation Package: Includes a 1-hour private consultation, full report document with customized lifestyle recommendations and follow-up consultation to discuss progress and future goals.


Suggested donation: £100

Eco-Transformation Review: 1-hour consultation to discuss personal environmental goals, challenges and deeper transformation support. This can become an ongoing session for continued eco-transformation.

Suggested donation: £35 per session


“Whatever you do may seem insignificant to you, but it is most important that you do it.” Mahatma Gandhi


The Climate Crisis can feel overwhelming. Not only are we experiencing guilt and grief at the destruction of the wilderness, but we are facing a true existential threat. Climate Change is real and its reasons are deeply entangled into the fabric of our everyday existence. We know that transformation is necessary but are bombarded with contradictory advice that often leaves us unable to act.


Taking responsibility is a deep act of personal empowerment


As an Eco-Life Consultant, I will work with you or your business to help you locate and embody the transformations necessary to thrive within planetary boundaries. Change is imperative, yet we need not fear it. I believe that in transforming our personal lives and our businesses we can walk a deeply fulfilling path. As we step onto this path we establish it as one to be taken, and others will more easily follow. Inspired in the knowledge that ‘eco-living’ is not about electric cars and bamboo toothbrushes, we realise it is about each and every one of us finding their own way of nurturing the innate reverence of nature that dwells within us.


When you book a consultation, we begin our work together to define your goals, understand your reasons and to determine simple, tangible and effective changes that are within reach. You may want to know what little things you can do that are genuinely eco-friendly or you may want to transform your entire existence.


During our initial consultation, we will discuss levels of transformation, determine where you are now through a lifestyle assessment and discuss goals towards sustainability and nature connectedness. From there, I can write you a plan to begin the transformation.

It is like personal fitness coaching for your eco-life.

Yes, you will reduce your carbon footprint, but sustainability goes deeper than this. Together we will work to understand and build a truly ethical life. Progress sessions can be booked after a week, month or whenever you feel it is necessary to set further goals and deal with any challenges. If you want to discuss the finer details and complexities of sustainability or delve into some eco-philosophy, book a session and we can work together to avoid confusion and the feeling of helplessness that is leading to an age of separation.


Do not be scared of the cost, I price everything through the Dana Economy, ensuring access for anyone who wants it. For details of this, please read the ‘pricing’ page.

If you are ready to book or have some questions, please go to the 'contact' page and fill out the form.